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About Shri P. K. Thyagarajan - Raipur

Shri P. K. Thyagarajan is a devotee of Narayana Guru. He is a retired Government employee and presently dwelling at Raipur (Chhattisgarh). He hails from Malayalapuzha, Pathanamthitta, Kerala, having basic education from CMS High School, Kumplampoika, while higher education from Pt. Ravi Shankar Shukla University, Raipur (Chhattisgarh).

Shri Thyagarajan is a habitual reader, particularly Gurudev's compositions and Biographies. He tried his best to pen-down his feelings on Guru's great composition 'Daivadasakam'.

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Introduction to Daivadasakam

Swamy Trippadangal, Daivadasakam, Vidya Devi, Sharada Temple, Sivagiri

Yes, indeed, we are very much fortunate and greatly blessed due to the invaluable generosity of Revered Sri Narayana Guru, who benevolently kind enough to provide us the inimitable composition 'Daivadasakam'. And, as such, we are the proud inheritors of the invaluable Poem.

In order to fulfill the innocent request of a group of very young 'Archakas' of 'Vidya Devi of Sharada Temple' at Sivagiri, 'Swami Thippadangal' composed the devotional poem 'Daivadasakam', during 1914. By now, it has been translated into more than 100 languages/dialects and become a universally accepted, substantially spiritual literary treasure.

Daiva + Dasakam = 'Daivadasakam'; Daiva = Dyove; Dyove = Aakasham (Sky); so, Daivam = the power that is filled in the Sky and its surroundings; Dasakam = Ten. So, 'Daivadasakam' means 'Ten stanzas about the Power, Quality, and Manifestation of Daivam'.

Uniqueness of 'Daivadasakam' is that it is not meant for any particular religion or sect. The content of the poem is the 'Praise of the all Powerful God with a fervent beseech for His Blessings to have a peaceful, contended and virtuous life in this world'. The God (Daivam), to whom the poem is being addressed, can be 'Lord Krishna, Jesus Christ, Merciful Allah or any God', according to the religion or believe of an individual. Considering its spiritual impetus as well as the philosophical ingredients, the religious literary intelligentsia has classified 'Daivadasakam' as "Daivopanishad".

By "Atmopadeshashatakam" Sree Narayana Guru conveyed the 'Secrets of Nature and invincible manifestation of God' to the elderly intelligentsia, while through 'Daivadasakam', Guru profoundly blessed the youngsters about the 'Power, Quality and Manifestation of Daivam', the Great God.

So, let us try to understand what preciously Swamy Trippadangal wished to teach, preach, advice or convey through the marvellous 10 stanzas of 'Daivadasakam'.

Sree Narayana Guru

Daivadasakam (Stanza-1)

Daivame! Kathukolkangu Kaiveedathingu Jangale,
Navikan Nee Bhavabdikoravivan Thoni Nin Padam

Indeed, it was the Greatness of Swamy Trippadangal to begin the composition with the deeply compassionate, exceedingly respectful and blissfully divine word 'Daivam', the supreme authority of this Universe, in His immensely marvellous, universally acclaimed poem 'Daivadasakam'. On hearing such a pious word 'Daivam', our conscious instantly filled with respect, regard, love and affection to the Almighty God and simultaneously, our hands will fold in respect, while eyes will transform to a half closed posture due to a sudden intuition towards Daivam, a manifestation that so far we have not seen, but experienced.

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Daivadasakam (Stanza-2)

Onnanna Ennianni, Thottannum Porulodingiyal,
Ninnidum Drikkupolullam, Ninnil Aspandamakanam

On conclusion of seeing and counting of the properties of this Universe, specifically one by one, at last my eyes will stare to a point. Similarly, my conscious must join with You, and stay static.

In this second stanza of 'Daivadasakam', Swamy Trippadangal praising the benevolent mercy of 'Daivam', who very liberally bestowed on us in abundance with "Sun, Moon, Stars, Pancha Bhoothangal (Air, Sky, Earth, Fire and Water), living entities like human, animal beings, grass, trees, movable, immovable and other innumerable properties".

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Daivadasakam (Stanza-3)...

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